Info Breakpoints

info breakpoints [ bp-number… ]

Show status of user-settable breakpoints. If no breakpoint numbers are given, the show all breakpoints. Otherwise only those breakpoints listed are shown and the order given.

The columns in a line show are as follows:

  • The “Num” column is the breakpoint number which can be used in condition, delete, disable, enable commands.
  • The “Disp” column contains one of “keep”, “del”, the disposition of the breakpoint after it gets hit.
  • The “enb” column indicates whether the breakpoint is enabled.
  • The “Where” column indicates where the breakpoint is located.


zshdb<4> info breakpoints
Num Type       Disp Enb What
1   breakpoint keep n   /etc/profile:8
2   breakpoint keep y   /etc/profile:10
    stop only if [[ ${PS1-} ]]

Show breakpoints.

See also

break, condition, delete, enable, and ref:disable <disable>